The Joy in Little Thing - ode to a daughter's trumpet

album: Music to have a Rebellion To
genre: Psychedelic
streams: 153
creation date: 2010-09-04

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"The Joy in Little Things - (ode to a daughter's trumpet)". Final mastered mix. Recorded in Live as my first on the apc 40. I got some new gear, and got...
The Joy in Little Thing - ode to a daughter's trumpet
02/22/13 12:02:15AM @cooter:
What a cool piece of work, Sean. I love this. The great flow is carried along so nicely by the infectious rhythm. And it makes me smile.


09/05/10 12:50:06PM @bigpete:
another trip through your world, another joyfull moment, its all good and happy, another simple joy of life, that I'm sure was not simple to produce, peace.
09/05/10 09:04:58AM @bri-an:
Originality is hard to come by with all the audio that is availible. your use of sounds is ...and should be inspiring for many electro-muso's abound, alot of T.D. type textures. the sparse use of horns made this an outstanding piece in my books...it was unexpected.


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