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New Element Music
New Element Music


album: Revelation
genre: Electronic
streams: 26

  Song Lyrics
I’m never gonna let this beat meI need one more chanceI have a sound, a voice inside meIt keeps me on the groundI can’t describe the reasonWhy I would walk...
  Song Information
Released at the start of the new year to mark a turning stone for New Element Music. 2017 is the key year for New Element Music as it has "caught the wind...
12/31/17 06:31:50PM @ms-p:
Love the Tuneage...
Great Mix!

Doug Dickens
07/23/17 12:27:39PM @doug-dickens:
Would hear more of your music. This song will be on my Tuesday showcase here on Mixstream radio
New Element Music
07/22/17 12:29:40PM @newelementmusic:
Thank you @doug-dickens 👍
Doug Dickens
07/21/17 09:14:56PM @doug-dickens:
Welcome to Mix and love the tune. Will have to listen to all of it now. Great mix, vocals and the whole sound. Primo ...


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