Nils-Ole Finbak
Nils-Ole Finbak

Old News

album: Old News
genre: Blues
streams: 53

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A guitar-solo driven bluesy song.
Old News
11/12/10 10:50:11AM @lodato:
Production is spot on. Guitar is melodic and tight. The vocal adds another dimension and it's a good dark place to be.
11/12/10 09:06:43AM @bluesydude:
Sweet blues guitar playing and tone. Haunting vocals. Nice story told by the lyrics. Thanks for sharing.
02/07/11 10:37:56PM @eirik-finbak:
Hey "Nilsy" (A.k.a my dad)
I love the lyrics line "..Just a bag of old news"
and as alway the production is clear and good.
The guitar runs smoothly trough the song and makes the song complete.
Good one "Fender"!

11/19/10 11:21:25AM @cooter:
I love this original and unique sound. Really enjoy your vocal style. Way cool mixing and production. The tune overall and your vocals have an intriguing solemn quality.

A most enjoyable listen.



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