P Eric Bailey
P Eric Bailey

The Servant

genre: Classical Guitar
streams: 56
creation date: 2013-12-04

  Song Information
The Servant (C)2013 Phillip Eric Bailey written, performed and recorded by P Eric Bailey 
The Servant
02/14/14 03:41:43PM @bustert:
Beautiful played- gives silence!
12/04/13 11:15:05PM @gene-smith:
Very nice to see this posted again my friend, very nice indeed
12/04/13 06:12:14PM @david-c-deal:
Phil, you are indeed a guitar master! Beautiful work my friend.
Fender Bender
12/04/13 04:07:15PM @dave-coonrod-aka-fender-bender:
Very well done---in your usual well crafted style! I can imagine listening to this in front of the fireplace with a glowing fire on a winter night.


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