P Eric Bailey
P Eric Bailey

A New Old Age

genre: Acoustic
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creation date: 2015-01-22

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(C) 2015 Phillip Eric Bailey I wrote this in tribute to composers from two different eras, Claude Debussey and Michael Hedges. Thanks for listening.
A New Old Age
02/02/15 08:47:09PM @the-bard-brothers:
It is always nice to listen to someone new, but it is also humbling, as I hear what I cannot do. This is an interesting tune that keeps me wondering what will be next. How did you record this? Was it all with a single acoustic guitar? How did you get the sound to be like an electric piano? I am intrigued...
Fender Bender
01/23/15 05:44:11PM @dave-coonrod-aka-fender-bender:
Very crafty playing by a true craftsman!
Farrell Jackson
01/22/15 08:04:22PM @farrell-jackson:
Wonderful piece of music P. Eric Bailey! I love the harmonics that you've tastefully added. Very good sir!


01/22/15 04:05:34PM @david-c-deal:
You are a musician's musician Phil. Debussey and Hedges no doubt are smiling at you from musical heaven.


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