P Eric Bailey
P Eric Bailey

Crazy World

album: 2015 Collab
genre: Alternative
streams: 104
creation date: 2015-02-24

  Song Lyrics
Crazy World Standing on a corner on a busy avenue No one has the time to stop and say hello to you Everyone is staring with their faces to the ground Can't...
  Song Information
My first collaboration with Rob Hanlon. What a pleasure it truly was working with him. Rob Hanlon: drums, synths, lead guitar P Eric Bailey: vocals, acoustic...
Crazy World
06/03/22 11:16:36PM @moequinn:
I have always loved this song from back in 2015 ~ & now in 2022 it is still a Crazy World & this song continues to be relevant
Peace, Moe

03/17/15 06:38:03PM @bustert:
Crazy world-- it`s so true! Good vibes in this fantastic song!
Barefoot Music
03/08/15 01:01:18PM @barefoot-music-group:
Love this classic rock vibe. Excellent vocals. You guys took me back in time and I love when that happens with music. Thank you!
02/27/15 01:30:40AM @gene-smith:
VERY cool to hear some new tracks Phil! And this one is awesome! The lyrics are awesome the performance is awesome, great track my friend, hope to hear more!
P Eric Bailey
02/26/15 02:00:43PM @p-eric-bailey:
Vig this is for you brother. Speaking of pictures; I don't post many of myself because my very first kindergarten pictures I brought home and was really proud of them. My older brother took one look and said " My god. Take those things and put them out in the garden to keep the animals out." Of course that is exactly what I did. My mother thought i was insane:)
P Eric Bailey
02/26/15 01:49:03PM @p-eric-bailey:
LP...thank you very much. First running a business does not permit me to be involved here as much as I would like to be. Secondly I do want to give you a very heartfelt recognition for all that you do around here on the Mix. Your contribution means a lot to not only myself but to all of us that attempt to express ourselves musically. In fact a big thanks goes out to all of you involved in the background, Todd, Jim, Gene, Doug, LP, Vig, Bobby, Joseph, Sat, Cherry and any others I may have failed to mention. I personally appreciate it a lot. Without any of you we would never be heard. Lastly, those fellow musicians that take more time than the rest of us to listen and review...and Farrrell...you are tremendous I must say.....thank you:)


Lyrical Princess
02/26/15 02:31:12AM @lyrical-princess:
Wow!! Gotta love those lyrics. The sad thing is , that it's all true!! You've wrapped up so many truths of the world into one song.. Very nicely written. Great vocals. And the music is Wonderful too. 5*****

All The Best,

P Eric Bailey
02/25/15 04:14:09PM @p-eric-bailey:
Larry...thanks brother.
02/24/15 09:05:42PM @tlt50:
Two....talented artists, musicians and music creators . Excellent collab , you both compliment each other brilliantly. Superbly done , my friends,
All the best,
Larry T

P Eric Bailey
02/24/15 08:06:34PM @p-eric-bailey:
Jim, Dave and Farrell when my peers (whom i greatly respect) leave comments such as these it means more to me than most other things. I thank all of you very sincetely.


02/24/15 07:40:35PM @david-c-deal:
The lyrics in this were taken right out of my thoughts... Wonderful expression of some of the "crazy" realities right now. That guitar is unique and beautiful, sounding almost like a cross between a 12 string and a Sitar with all of those harmonics. Very creative, expressive and just downright good.
Farrell Jackson
02/24/15 05:07:29PM @farrell-jackson:
Very cool collab Eric and Rob! Excellent songwriting and the lead solo was wild. Excellent acoustic and vocal work as always Eric!


P Eric Bailey
02/24/15 12:49:17PM @p-eric-bailey:
Mike, thanks for taking the time to listen.
P Eric Bailey
02/24/15 12:38:50AM @p-eric-bailey:
Hey Vig...How are you bro?
02/24/15 12:37:18AM @vig-wig:
nice to see you. just stopped in to see your picture. Hope you are doing well.


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