P Eric Bailey
P Eric Bailey


album: 2009
genre: Classical Guitar
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In honor of my mother.
04/12/16 08:27:51PM @tlt50:
Phil............ congrats on the A.O.T.M. .Much deserved my friend.
All the best ,
Larry T

03/16/16 10:43:25PM @tlt50:
I've heard this 3 times now. Remarkable musicianship..... the pristine sounds you've capture....incredible my friend..... With each listen....I appreciate all the feelings and love you've shared in this beautiful song. Bravo *****
03/16/16 05:55:16PM @erne:
Very beautiful song. I thoroughly enjoy your classical playing. It is quite refreshing. I'll definitely listen to your work often.
P Eric Bailey
03/15/16 02:14:55PM @p-eric-bailey:
Farrell, Linda, Jim, Doc, thank you for the warm comments. My mother turned 94 this month.
Farrell Jackson
03/15/16 01:58:49PM @farrell-jackson:
A wonderful tribute to your mother Eric.....your playing has so much feeling injected into it....the perfect touch to a perfect tribute.


Lyrical Princess
03/15/16 09:34:51AM @lyrical-princess:
A truly Beautiful song that any mother would be proud of. Very heartfelt and soothing to the soul. 5*****+

All The Best,

03/14/16 08:32:20PM @scotswolfe:
From your soul,to your fingers,to the stings of that guitar...the transfer is flawless.The sound and tone of that guitar is amazing...I could swear I heard a harp toward the end.Excellent work good sir.
03/14/16 08:04:01PM @david-c-deal:
Reflective, somewhat sad feelings I get from this song Phil (I sound like YODA lol). Beautiful.


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