Seen My Baby

album: Pac-O-Mojo
genre: R&B
streams: 39

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Been in a good mood - all day long Despite bein' up all night I got a smile inside - I can't hide Because my baby came to see me last night   Now I'm not...
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Music composed by Curt Johnson.   Lyrics by Eric Gentry.   Lead Vocals: Eric Gentry Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals: Curt Johnson Bass and Backing...
Seen My Baby
06/27/10 11:51:50AM @dazed:
Brilliant guitar work on this tune and a sweet bass line. The musicianship on this track is superb. Excellent vocals that fit the track like a glove.
06/26/10 05:48:20AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Someone who seems with me to subscribe to an older definition of RnB. Like the overall sound here, very rhythmic groove and good playing. ftlpope


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