Outlaw Blues

album: Pac-O-Mojo
genre: Rock
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The Sherrif's lookin for us He says our music is illegal But he will never catch us Though he's been tryin' from the get go   So - You better think about it...
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Music composed by Curt Johnson.   Lyrics by Eric Gentry.   Lead Vocals: Eric Gentry Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals: Curt Johnson Bass and Backing...
Outlaw Blues
06/27/10 12:21:03PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Like the other tune, you really cut a smooth groove, confident and soulful. ftlpope
06/27/10 11:55:29AM @dazed:
Hey Terry you guys are on to something here. You have a brilliant sound. The vocalist is unique and not something you hear every day.

As for the tune, well done. Love the melody on this piece and as mentioned on the other tune, the musicianship is superb.

Good luck with the new cd.


06/26/10 11:15:21PM @pac-o-mojo:
Thanks. That's my guitar work. The singer is Eric Gentry. He was the Lead Vocalist for the Daz Band out of LA back in the 90's and he wrote for Ready For The World out of Flint, Mi. This is just a sampling of the new CD. Should be available for sale very soon. We are in the process of putting a website together to sell downloads and we are getting the master reproduced to sell the actual CD itself. Presently, we are in rehearsal for the live show to promote the CD. We're already 7 songs into the second CD so that one will be out in about 6 months.
06/26/10 10:23:33PM @song-of-saya:
The singer's voice is hands down amazing as hell, and the mastering is perfect - the vocalist and the guitarist both accent each other's parts without drowning each other out, in a feat most major-label bands still haven't managed to master.

This song just got me into blues, and I'm a devoted NIN-head.

06/27/10 06:09:31AM @mark-reed:
Second great blues song I've heard today. If the rest of the album is a good as this your on to a winner. Wishing you well with it. This is excellent well done


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