Paul Reed Smith Music
Paul Reed Smith Music

Tracks Of Silver

album: Paul Reed Smith Band
genre: Rock
streams: 578
creation date: 2010-08-05

Tracks Of Silver
08/16/10 01:19:44AM @bilbozo:
My second dose of this great tune. I heard a number of the PRS Band tracks on the radio chat. Always a real treat to hear the higher quality recording as opposed to the radio stream. You really pick up the nuances and attention to musical detail. Some real talent so eminent here. Fantastic track ! - Bill Smith ( Bilbozo )
08/07/10 06:58:39PM @dazed:
Fantastic lead in on this tune. I like the build up to the chorus on this tune and the bridge was right on the mark. Vocals are superb and the guitar playing on this song is genius.
08/05/10 02:44:52PM @josephrodz:
In my oppinion this track kikazz and has the "STORM" vibe in it,but with your trade marck guitar sound in it too.
Keep Rockin'

08/05/10 04:42:38PM @david-c-deal:
All right Paul, nice classic rock sound. I find the vocals particularly good. Solid all around performance and composition.


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