Paul Reed Smith Music
Paul Reed Smith Music

The Truth Doesen't Matter Anymore

album: Paul Reed Smith Band
genre: Rock
streams: 372
creation date: 2010-08-05

The Truth Doesen't Matter Anymore
09/11/17 11:17:04PM @moequinn:
7 years from the first comment on this song & it is still going strong ~ I heard your song the other evening on MixPosure radio & I was hooked...captured....& could not leave...wouldn't want to ~ for those of us who love the blues ...or for that matter just damned great music ~ thanks for sharing
Incarnate Word
10/03/10 09:54:25PM @incarnate-word:
Man this is gravy, very soul full and soul felt. Love the Keys in this song and love the vocals. Guitar grabs you from the start and then the vocals tell the rest of the story. great job, very well done. IW
10/02/10 11:01:58AM @cooter:
Beautifully done tune. Love the organ, tucked in there so nicely. Great vocals. A really pleasing mix, too. Then there's the guitar... great tone, and so tastefully played, to my ears. It's a pleasure to listen to music this well done.
08/16/10 01:28:09AM @bilbozo:
You have captured those really sorrowful blues. Man do I ever love some of those great solo bends on the intro. Simply blown away. I had to close my eyes through this deserves no distraction and demands focus to the listener. Escpecially those crying licks, which pull at the heart strings. A great ride...emotional indeed. Bill Smith ( Bilbozo )
08/15/10 07:52:22AM @geezers-go:
Holy sh..! This one is really quality work. Especially enjoyed the guitar and the synth together.
08/07/10 09:32:05AM @jeff-lustick:
A great blues tune-wonderful guitar work and vocal performance. Encore please!!!
08/06/10 07:10:50AM @dazed:
Some killer guitar work on this tune as well some great tone. I am curious what amps were used when recording. Also digging the keys and vocals on here. Well done tune.
08/08/10 02:45:32PM @wrightdude:
Excellent performances all around! Top notch stuff!


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