Pedro Alsama
Pedro Alsama


album: Pedro Alsama
genre: Alternative Folk
streams: 17
creation date: 2022-11-17

  Song Lyrics
  I can't realize all my dreams without you   This will be untrue lovers again and again   I will be here with you I will be forever with you   In health...
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From My first album "Pedro Alsama" improvised lyrics and voice
07/09/24 04:02:38PM @kim-d-groff:
Love the feel of this song, and your vocals are really down to earth and heartfelt! In my playlist!!!
tony cee
12/02/22 12:50:10PM @tony-cee:
great vocal nice tune .....cheers tony cee
Aira Winterland
12/02/22 08:11:42AM @aira-winterland:
Loved the song. Beautiful acoustic guitar!


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