album: Broken EP
genre: Goth
streams: 16
creation date: 2023-02-07

  Song Lyrics
Drop, drop, sound Like I was never found   My truth is from my perspective Your truth is from your perspective   You won’t bring me down   I see what I see...
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In his latest single, "Down," pMad delves into the impact abusive relationships can have on one's identity and self-esteem.  The lyrics of the track paint a...
02/15/23 11:51:32AM @josephrodz:
Yeah! Love the Duran - Duran vibe.

Darren Holland Project
02/09/23 08:31:18PM @darren-holland-project:
Great track mate! Love the drums and the high energy the song brings.
DJ JenCat
02/09/23 08:17:18PM @dj-jencat:
Awesome song P-mad. Love the groove throughout.
02/08/23 04:21:38PM @bustert:
Nice James Bond tempo and a clean interpretation - fine quality as always;-)


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