Q Harper
Q Harper

I Will Always Love You

album: "ONE"
genre: Soul
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I Will Always Love You
12/13/11 06:20:56AM @mel:
Smooth and sweet vocals singing such loving words. Yes, a little bit of Stevie in there. An easy, chilled listen. Quality singing for sure. Wishing you well, Melsi
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01/11/12 07:49:01AM @:
Heh...this is the title of my all time favorite song ever ever ever by my Diva Wife(LOL) Whitney Houston...I automatically came to hear your song & try not to think about the other one, lol.

That said...this is so smooth. You master the art of taking your time & just letting it all flow in its right time. I need to take lessons in this. What a fine job you did here. Very Stevie sounding in your feel here. You are your own leader in what you do. Those harmonies...I want to make music this way someday...somehow, ha. I will...hearing your music gives me hope. You got me singing the La la la la la la's over here...outstanding song!


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