Q Harper
Q Harper

Q Harper, Night 4 love,60sec

Category: Entertainment
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This Concert affectionately and appropriately called "A NIGHT 4 LOVE" is a Show with all the bells and whistles.Folks The entertainment value is out of sight and blowing the roof off the building,definitely getting the "bang for your buck". Hosted by HODO of tv talk and entertainment show "The Other View Point",WHPR TV33. Opening with the comedic styles of the hilarious J Bell, then to some funk with Sam Burns and the Rock and The Hard Place Band and they bring it real funky, last but not least, The Romantic Q Harper bringing you "The Q Harper Experience",if you have not seen him live, you are truly missing a treat (HE AND HIS CREW,THEY BLAZE). Come dance,feel the romance,laugh and enjoy. Its going down July 28th, Motown downtown Detroit at Blondies 2281 W.Fort St. Doors 8pm,Show 9pm, Tickets available at Shantinique Music (313)923-3040 Adv. tickets $20/$25@door. Additional Concert info. (313)425-1084 (this is a pay per view recording so come dressed to impress). Flowers to all of the beautiful ladies. Hope to see you there!!!!!!!!!


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