Ray Brookes
Ray Brookes

Worse Than Any War

album: N/A
genre: Acoustic
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  Song Lyrics
Your own-goal lies; small print eyes Your park-bench arguments; tied to some splintered mast Those touch-screen moods and family feuds How did we ever think...
Worse Than Any War
Farrell Jackson
03/11/18 12:48:08PM @farrell-jackson:
Man this is a sad song and the lyric are so true to real life with many relationships. The musical atmosphere really supports the sad beauty of your vocals and melody. Well done!
Gary Shukoski
05/16/17 06:06:23PM @gary-shukoski:
For starters, I love the vocal harmonies. The song picks up nice and gradually as instruments are added and the dynamics intensify. Very cool build!
12/09/16 01:20:10PM @lodato:
Ray, I knew you would do very well once these fine folks here on this site heard your amazing songs.
12/08/16 06:18:01AM @ronbowes:

Not my first encounter with this sombre track. Top notch story telling, Ray. Cool track


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