Ray Brookes
Ray Brookes

Acting Like Tourists

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genre: Acoustic
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It is a morning of hot coffee, cold stares and romancing facts Conflicts, cornflakes and ridiculous balancing acts Accusations and rejections Like an...
Acting Like Tourists
Farrell Jackson
03/11/18 12:41:42PM @farrell-jackson:
Melodic and emotional filled lyric like a good ballad should be. The line "sometimes we are all acting like tourists" says a lot. A beautiful acoustic guitar sound and your playing is top notch.


Gary Shukoski
05/16/17 06:01:14PM @gary-shukoski:
Great soft track with beautifully haunting chords, great singing, and aptly fitting lyrics. I love all the guitar in this.
12/11/16 07:17:41AM @ronbowes:

Master of the sad reflective ballad, Mr Brookes. A stripped back track. Guitar and gentle strings and that destinctive voice. It doesn't need any more.


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