Ray Brookes
Ray Brookes


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genre: Acoustic
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I’ve seen you crash back down into the ash Like an inverted PhoenixSo delectable yet totally ineffectualThose intellectual verbal tricks I’ve tried to...
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A song about an old friend
08/18/20 05:18:57AM @ronbowes:
You are great wordsmith Ray. Another of your melancholy tales that you do so well. Nice to see you pop your head over the parapet ;-)
Ray Brookes
08/17/20 04:20:09PM @ray-brookes:
Thanks a lot for the kind words, guys; much appreciated.
Farrell Jackson
08/17/20 04:14:04PM @farrell-jackson:
A fantastic song Ray! Your acoustic guitar leads the way to a poetic, beautiful, yet sad love tale. One of the best painted stories I heard in a long while!


tony cee
08/17/20 02:44:40PM @tony-cee:
another great song ray , again love your lyrics , and fantastic recording . hope yowm awright lol ...cheers tony cee


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