Ray Brookes
Ray Brookes

a jewelled crown

Category: Music
Duration: 00:05:15
Treat your woman well; whisper Shakespeare and Shelly in her ears
Bath her feet, keep her safe, give her shelter in the lean years.
Play the wizard, the alchemist, the lover, the hero the clown
Bring her five white horses and a jewelled crown.

Fill her bowl with ambrosia; keep the marriage bed clean and straight
Fight off the johnny-come-lately's and pay all the freight
Allusions and rumours may rise with venom out of the ground
Bring her four bolts of Indian silk and a jewelled crown.

Make a talisman of Zanzibar ivory for her to keep
Watch her breathing softly in your bed as she lays there asleep
Shout no regretful words, cast her no angry frown
Bring her three Fabergé eggs and a jewelled crown.

A jewelled crown.

Trees may bow and leaves may fall when your woman rebels
Wild boar and brown bear may stand on hind legs when your woman yells
No insect will buzz, no fish will splash, no bird will make a sound
Bring her two Persian kittens.

In troubled times grasp the nettle. Take the bull by the horns
Give her your one last long dollar
But never bring her a crown of thorns.


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