Rebecca Lapping
Rebecca Lapping

Dancin' Man Blues -- RADIO RELEASE

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genre: Blues
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I’ve got a good man Why do I complain? He fixes me dinner He buys me champagne. He brings home the bacon And flowers so sweet So what’s my problem? His two...
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The second edition of Dancin Man Blues with a few requested changes from our producer!  Stephan added a longer intro and instrumental and worked hard to make...
Dancin' Man Blues --  RADIO RELEASE
Barefoot Music
01/21/18 02:43:10AM @barefoot-music-group:
Hello Rebecca!
Wish you could see how big my smile is listening to this fabulous blues tune!
Delighted to have found your page/music purely by chance, my listeners need to hear your tunes!!
~ Toni Barefoot Rock n Blues

09/07/16 06:41:40PM @ronbowes:

Nice slice of blues. Enjoyed the ride.

03/11/10 09:37:05PM @tlt50:
AwwwwwOooooooo....the intro with it's fabulous musicianship...sets the stage for this dynamite song. Beautiful progression....production and songwriting.Hmmm 106 BMP...perfect for some boogie,, Carolina Shag,cha cha and slide..... uh-huh. I tried to hang with ya'.....but,,,,you kicked me in the shin....doin' that kick ball change(thang') LOL. I know it was my only defense....I was much too... enthralled by those stunning vocals. Give me another dance...I'll concentrate....promise... :-) Outstanding track.. Stephan and Rebby.... *****
all the best,


03/11/10 05:55:05PM @rebecca-lapping:
I'm a three-chord chick! Thank you, Lord, for my hubby, the fabulous Stephan Foster (Lapping) who turns my songs into something folks like to listen to!
03/11/10 07:24:38AM @genghisken:
Superb guitar sets the mood for the stunning vocals that enter the scene after a short and appropriate intro. Excellent Rhythm, great blues solo and did I mention the vocals?! Just a fun song with a clear message, So much talent in that family!


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