album: watch
genre: Instrumental
streams: 130

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10/22/09 09:23:25PM @through-a-glass-darkly:
Interesting piece, lots of layers and textures and interesting voices, all holds together well. Will keep listening to this one - Derek
09/11/09 05:49:54PM @mike-s:
Very wierd voices. Really like this tune overall. Lovely guitar lines and overall a very soothing piece. Will listen to this more! Thanks for the download!
09/10/09 08:37:24PM @dazed:
this sounds pretty cool. I like the voices in the background but wish I could hear them more. That is probably the intent because it leaves the listener wanting to keep listening to to hear if they are missing something.

The mix sounds very good and I am not hearing anything out of place.

09/15/09 05:34:06PM @n0mad23:
I've mostly heard your music now on the mixposure radio streams, and the thing that always leaps out at me is your rhythmic sensibilities. You're a master of the groove, and it comes out in everything I've heard. This is fantastic, as it provides a perfect base to support all the sonic landscape stuff you do over the top. Most excellent work on "Voices."


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