Spoke In The Wheel

album: Believe In New Orleans
genre: Acoustic
streams: 52

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Just a spoke in the wheel out here down this road I keep liven this life each and every turn I am not the only one...You know what I mean Just a spoke in...
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just sharing some (((LOVVE)))
Spoke In The Wheel
The Gigglefits
10/14/21 07:36:09PM @the-gigglefits:
This Dj Tony C I am so loving this one will be spinning it on Air tonight
06/04/10 11:47:57AM @mark-reed:
This has grit and an edge that comes through in both the guitars and vox. Lyrics are great as is the performance. Very good number well done
06/03/10 02:54:40AM @bratton-and-mcclain:
Pretty cool sound. Liked the effects on the hook.
I agree with the above comment a full band version would be cool too.
Good acoustic stuff guys.

06/03/10 01:32:18AM @3rd-class:
Cool tune man. I like the the progression and the harmony backups sound good. I must say I would like to hear this with bass and drums though. Good tune!


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