Rich Knoop
Rich Knoop

Bottom of the Bottle Blues

album: Johnny, Jimmy and Rich
genre: Atmospheric Blues
streams: 38

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Here's a song from Johnny Gray with Jimmy Dean Brooks on guitar and me orchestration, mix and production.
Bottom of the Bottle Blues
06/11/16 04:10:48PM @ron-dadey:
Hey Rich....awesome track my friend...
Gary Shukoski
06/11/16 04:25:40AM @gary-shukoski:
Love the moon pic! (coming from an astronomy buff) We also have many of the same prog influences. I love insightful, thought provoking song arrangements. Nice work!
Lyrical Princess
08/13/14 11:16:30PM @lyrical-princess:
I heard this song in the chat last night.. Really sad, But great lyric.. Love the melody & music ... Vocals work well with this too .


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