Richard John
Richard John

Another Lazy Afternoon

genre: Pop
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Another Lazy Afternoon
Farrell Jackson
05/19/11 11:30:15AM @farrell-jackson:
This sounds great Richard! It's very uplifting and has an island feel to sea breezes, palm trees, and of course.....lazy afternoons. Good writing and performances!


05/08/10 09:59:34AM @bigpete:
I love the RJ sound and again I'm not disapointed, another great pop gem or jem I'm not sure, lol, anyway beautifully crafted and produce, just a great listen that makes you feel good inside.
05/06/10 05:16:16PM @vibros:
What a great feel! I could see all the wonderful images portrayed...made me wish for a lazy day.
Third Son
04/29/10 01:45:45PM @third-son:
Great tune Richard...Nice to see some familar faces here!
Mista Perez
04/29/10 02:37:07PM @mista-perez:
It is so great to hear new tunes from you. I'm a huge fan of your work. Great summer tune.
04/29/10 11:35:42PM @mike-lynn:
Very good song Richard and it's worth the wait really. I know you have put in tremendous effort on this one and it turns out great. I could see your tune is getting more melodic (song after song) and that you're perfecting your production (backings plus vocals). Very nice memorable tune where the verses are exceptionally impressive and so is the guitarwork. Have included it in my regular playlist.

You know what, everytime I heard your new song, I told myself I must get Richard to do a couple of collabs this year.

Cheers / Mike

04/30/10 09:55:25AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Beautiful sounds here and great song - I recall liking your bossa inspired stuff and this has a sweet lilt. Most enjoyable. ftlpope


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