Rob Favre
Rob Favre

Near 2U

album: While We're Young
genre: Rock
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I started writing this song in the early 90's...this is what it has evolved to.
Near 2U
Farrell Jackson
10/08/08 11:23:56AM @farrell-jackson:
Good rock ballad! The acoustic's strum is very full and fluid sounding and the electric guitar has a sort of Allman Bros. (Melissa) vibe to it. Nice, uncluttered sound and the soft vox works very well. Enjoyed it!


10/10/08 01:43:08AM @self-tort:
Agree pretty much with everything Farrell has said. I've always loved the sound you get from your acoustic (jealousy on my part). Really nice piece of writing. Still unsure why you ever had reservations about your vocals as they are excellent here, with some nice tight harmonies as a bonus. Really nice track, Rob. Cheers


01/07/09 08:18:06AM @mark-reed:
I liked this, my favourite of the day. You produced an excellent number, everything about it is quality. nice instrumentation, and a superb vocal delivery really enjoyed this one well done


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