Rob Favre
Rob Favre

Last Dance

album: While We're Young
genre: Rock
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Tells the story of how my wife and I met and dated...from her point of view.
Last Dance
10/08/08 03:35:51PM @rob-favre:
Hey Brian, you did a GREAT job on the vocals! Feel free to play it's good to be back!


10/07/08 11:32:20PM @self-tort:
I may be biased but I still love this track. It was a pleasure to be asked to do the vocals. You did a fantastic job with the lyrics and backing tracks. I really think this is a great song. I've been meaning to ask you whether you would have any objection to my playing this song in my live sets. I won't unless I get the ok from you. Great to see you back in here.




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