Rob Favre
Rob Favre

Last Dance (Remastered)

album: While We're Young
genre: Rock
streams: 25

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Back from all those years ago, I found the original wav files and remastered with modern techniques.  Brian's vocals sound better than ever!
Last Dance (Remastered)
06/24/22 02:40:46PM @rob-favre:
Thanks folks for the kind words. This song was zipped in March of 2007, it was fun rediscovering it.
06/23/22 11:50:49PM @moquinn:
Briefly ~ an Awesome song
thank you for sharing

06/23/22 11:32:24AM @jimsae:
A fantastic track here, wonderful mix and master, and great performances from everyone!
06/22/22 03:44:22PM @the-jammiestbitsofjam:
We are a duo.We study music,but bands/solo artists.etc..rather than notes and things.So we think people would be hard pressed to beat us on artist knowledge. We both think the same,this has a Danny Kirwan/the band "Love"/and band "Spirit" vibe.
This song,is a beautiful anomaly!!The start is delicious guitar,when song comes in fully,you leave it bare from anymore lead guitar,which is cool move,as then this leaves start as people wanting to play song again,then later in song what sounds like a Japanese Koto comes in!!?Total genius this all is.Vocals great as well.- April/Viaduce


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