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Rod Fritz
Rod Fritz

Rod Fritz - Don't do This (Prod. by Big Rafa) - Climate Change

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Duration: 00:04:03
I wrote this song to combat greed, corruption and Climate change. I believe what we are doing to this world needs immediate attention in the hope for a better future. The inspiration for this song came from my Niece who recently celebrated her first birthday. If you are watching this video and agree with the message then please share it and maybe sub to my channel. More video's will be coming soon. Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question and I will get back to you.

Much love,

Rod Fritz

Produced and recorded by Rafael De Stefano Sant'Ana

The Ultimate, worst, insane movement that's been up this Fortnight.
05/09/21 01:54:19PM @ianslowhand:
Thanks for sharing. Love this song. I'll visit your YT Channel & sub. I've released a song about climate change as well. It's called "Backs Against The Wall" . If you want to check it out link for my channel is


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