A Sad Mexican Song

album: Counting Time in Purgatory
genre: Acoustic Rock
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LEGAL:(c) S.E. Rogers (2008)BMI Work No:  010795330TALENT:Kurt Baumer - Violin / FiddleSteve Rogers - Guitars / Arrangement & Charts
A Sad Mexican Song
02/03/14 03:46:04PM @bustert:
where is my horse? more songs like this one ....
01/10/10 01:32:09AM @hollie-sheard:
Oh...this has so much emotion in it. The fiddle performance is exquisite and haunting. The instrumentation and the low string orchestration deepens the tension making for a beautifully sad piece. I love it.
07/27/09 09:27:39AM @hydrogen3:
The Fiddle really caught my attention in this piece. Beautiful!! Holley :)
05/17/09 11:02:18AM @blue-sahara:
Yes, superb arrangement here, a wonderfully lush and deep orchestral sound led by the sole violin and accompanied by those warm acoustic guitars. Love the chord sequences you've created here. Too short, man ... too short! I would have loved to listen for a few minutes more ... :-)

05/17/09 10:11:37AM @tlt50:
Rog.... beautuful chord progression,,,excellent musicianship.The violin is pure class,,,,awesome. The strings are superb....icing on the cake !!
Exceptional track !!


05/16/09 10:54:58PM @king-cake:
Cool song! I like the way the strings were mixed in with the violin. Has a nice smoky feel....
08/12/09 06:55:58PM @self-tort:
Yep, the only criticism I have with this track is its length. But that's easily fixed, I can just play it again. Really moody piece of music with the violin really enhancing that mood. Great work, guys


07/26/09 11:45:50AM @vesa:
This is like Stephan Grappelle meets the outlaw musician on horse with his guitar in Texas, seriously a very neat mix of styles, works very well, like the orchestral room full of sound, all instrument placement fine all 'round, a great mix... a new genre perhaps. Most original, needed my headphones to hear the well done production subtle sounds. Love the strings here, indeed the violin is well played, adding to this slightly suspensful mood. Like the melodic touch, -has a bit of a sullen pensive mood,...fine progression. Very unique composition. My hat off to you. GREAT artistry. Looped it several times. Worth more lsitens.
Thanks for the plesaure. -Your friend. -Vesa.


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