Bad Attitude No. 9 - Phunk University Suite

album: Counting Time in Purgatory
genre: Fusion
streams: 778

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Legal:(c) S.E. Rogers & P.J. Reden  (2008) (BMI)BMI Work No. 010795327Talent:Tommy Alesio - Percussion / Drums / Harmony VocalsJoseph Richmond Brown -...
Bad Attitude No. 9 - Phunk University Suite
12/19/10 05:33:04PM @igor-pose:
Like a lot an old school phunky stuphph of this. Each sound is rich. Good attitude.
06/27/10 07:47:33PM @tlt50:
Rog..........I know some of the hard've put into this track....OUTSTANDING bro. Incredible mixing ,editing and arranging.... superb, my friend. All the work has paid off... with an ass-kickin' tune. All involved....should be proud...>:))



06/26/10 01:28:13PM @vesa:
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah. Dig it. A real movin' tune. Love the horns, love the bass,love the percussion, love the funky jive a groovin away, love the vox, & can I have that lovely fox (in the picture). Where do you get these sexy girls? Whoaa. Send me her address, and THIS WILL BE WORTH many plays. Kidding----it will be in my faves no doubt. I can just blow up...'er enlarge that girl and stare at her and listen again to an EXCELLENT rhythmic song.
SUPERB guys. Thanks for the 'heads up'. Feeeeeel better being here in Mix today.
I'll be staying in touch, during my travels soon. Thanks dear friends for the pleasure.
Always a treat. FAB!!!
-your fan. - Vesa :)

Rob Grant
06/26/10 12:39:33PM @rayon-vert:
Yeah!!! The days of the Tower of Power sound!! This style was my cruisin' music. Great B3, Larry!!! Nice drivin' punch from the horn section and the bass / drums keep this pushin' along nicely. NISHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Some GREAT SOLOING!!!!

Farrell Jackson
06/26/10 12:29:15PM @farrell-jackson:
Bad Girl is my kind of phunky music (and gile lol)! Steve this sounds excellent with all those real horns! The dual lead vox makes it doubley interesting. The mix sounds great to my phunky ears! Well done RTB!


06/26/10 07:58:23AM @mark-reed:
Caught this as a result of your post, this is a great piece of fusion, lots of style running throughout. Strong rhythm section supporting some nice instrumental solo sequences. Lyrics with a bit of attitude and a good delivery top of an entertaining listen well done


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