Sage and Stone
Sage and Stone

The Moon and Stars

album: Silver Lining
genre: Indie/altrock
streams: 35
creation date: 2022-09-27

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The Moon & The Stars smclaughlin/cfowler 2022 The windows are down, cool breeze in my hair... The moon is out, and I dont have a care... Criusin' down...
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Our tune about the simple joys of a road trip!
The Moon and Stars
Sage and Stone
11/03/22 10:38:17AM @sage-and-stone:
Thanks, Shane!
11/03/22 05:40:52AM @shane:
yep - very nice music , Sage ,, and Stone ,,, : ) really good feeling lyrics - life is rich kinda stuff
Sage and Stone
09/27/22 01:00:13PM @sage-and-stone:
Thank you so much!
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09/27/22 12:54:49PM @rowley:
i loves this very much!is beautiful - viaduce


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