The Reich - Children of the Sun (old demo)

album: Deadly Blessing Demo (Mid 1980's)
genre: Metal
streams: 142
creation date: 2010-08-24

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Another from the early 80s demo.  
The Reich - Children of the Sun (old demo)
Farrell Jackson
12/18/14 09:58:29AM @farrell-jackson:
A blast from the past and Sat is metal rockin' from the 1980s! I like hearing where a musician has come from and compare it to where he is now. Very cool Sat and great metal band!
08/25/10 05:22:28PM @digger-stone:
this brings back some very good old memeories for me. sounds like somthing i would have been apart of back in the 80's.

i love this, sat you were bad ass way back when wern't you?
your singer sounds like he could have handled any crue or scorps covers at any time! AWSOME!

thanks for posting this, i love it...


01/17/12 02:10:18AM @the-erik-jurado-experience:
Did Geddy Lee start his own early 80's metal band? Sure sounds like it - this is cool! I like the change in the middle of the tune. YEAH! The middle of this tune is great! And it sounds like you're gonna take it to the end - PLEASE DO!!! Okay, you didn't play it out to the end, but I like the way you ended the tune anyways. So I thank you for the download I am about to receive. Now I gotta see if you have any up to date tunes on your page.


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