Just Pretend

album: Saturated Music
genre: Acoustic
streams: 336
creation date: 2010-12-03

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Written and performed by Saturated.   
Just Pretend
01/25/11 11:16:20AM @dazed:
Sat really enjoyed this tune. Great build to the chorus. Vocals are solid and the guitar work is superb.
12/05/10 05:07:23PM @tlt50:
Bill......A tremendous listen. Amazing songwriting with your exceptional musical talents.The lyrics,vocals and IMO production...are FANTASTIC..Beautiful work.... :)No matter which direction you may take with this....It's all good...bro !!

Larry T

12/05/10 02:39:18PM @marie-dailly:
This is stunning, Sat! Beautiful sound! I love the acoustic, & your voice is so mellow, i just let it repeat & wash over me!
12/03/10 11:45:44PM @ian-rushton:
Nice! Like the song a lot. While it works well as it is I can also hear it as a big full production also. As far as the mix goes I noticed couple of pitchy vocal notes which should be easy to fix also I wondered if a greater pan separation of the two gutars during the bridge solo at around 3:20 would work better?


12/03/10 08:02:36PM @josephrodz:
Wow brother you know how to do a real music track,i'm amaze on how you sound you guitar and voice,10 stars and 20 chocolates.
12/06/10 04:38:36PM @cooter:
Love it, Sat. Great acoustic sound, good sir. And wonderfully played. Really dig your vocals, too. Great lyrics.

What a great tune and most enjoyable listen.


12/04/10 07:02:01AM @bri-an:
Hey Sat, Just love this kind of toon...nothing better than a muso just lettin it go with an acoustic and a voice.
the toon it'self has a familiar a classic Simon & Garfunkel toon...and a current writting style in the likes of the best of both worlds!!
love the solo, and the embellisments throughout.


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