Superman At the Burger Stand

album: Saturated Music
genre: Acapella
streams: 111
creation date: 2010-12-04

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This is an experiment with just using one guitar and a vocal..   kind of off the wall and probably too long.   Its a precurser to the next DRUNK CLOWN song...
Superman At the Burger Stand
06/23/21 11:22:59PM @michael-nunley:
Thought about this song tonight...over a damn good dbl chrese
Farrell Jackson
12/05/10 03:06:29PM @farrell-jackson:
Ha Sat this is a great demo or keeper! I do this a lot just to hear how or what I want to do with a song and once in a while the simple demo becomes the keeper...because I don't think I could re-create the original vibe and this song does have that original vibe of excitement to it...I can hear it! Excellent performance and lyric as well...very entertaining!


12/05/10 06:18:11AM @bri-an:
Ever since i heard 'whiskey and a baseball bat" your presence of being an excellent songwriter has been solidified in my cerebral juke box.
Your style shines again with this song...which in my book is very well written and presented...the lyrical passage is very clever...and humourous, but sung with sincerity. which draws the listener, brillient!!
I love the ham-boning riff's that are injected throughout the toon...a fingerprint of style if you will... A Sat trademark.
You have the gift of notch stuff.
..."where he sat with the regular slobs",
AFanIam. this is excellent.

12/06/10 04:48:04PM @cooter:
Sat, you can sure write em and perform em. Great story telling here. For that matter, same for the vocal and playing, as always. I really dig your style, Sat.

Love the tune.



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