album: Saturated Music
genre: Acoustic
streams: 130
creation date: 2011-02-19

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My first take on this one. 
02/21/11 01:07:59PM @buddrumming:
Sat, my friend... you still got it... what a rockin little the the vocals...rockin, Thx, Bud
02/19/11 06:37:55PM @david-c-deal:
Beautiful guitar work and production. The guitar sounds are just perfect. I'd love to see your recording techniques. It didn't even occur to me till the end that the only instruments on this were guitar and vocal. The sound was as full as a symphony. Wonderful work.
02/20/11 01:52:49AM @chrisandrews:
I like the guitar playing - it is a little bright for my taste but it translates to mono really well so good job there. The vccals to me seem too bright and washed with reverb. I would love to hear it a tad more dry. It almost is like the vocals are detached from the rest of the song. There are a few tricks that would be introduced into the chorus backup vocals that might be cool. A simple reverse into the first verse would really bring some life and explosion to the chorus parts. Would be really cool to introduce a percussion part but not your standard percussion, I hear a person playing a beat on the body of the guitar to keep the acoustic feel. (make sense?)

Good tune though

02/20/11 06:44:49PM @tlt50:
Love the progession....awesome sounding acoustic.....! Fabulous songwriting. 2nd verse with the guitar lead....awesome !! Dazed ,bring up the bass....PLZ :) As always....masterful musicianship...incredible vox...!! I do hear reverb more, in the harmonies...!! My ears are likin' this....!! First take.... ? AWESOME !!,


02/20/11 12:55:23AM @slarou:
I am honoured you invited me for this listen.
Very cool guitar sound (almost in my face) I do love this production as i do for the composition itsefl.
My only point(if you allow me to tell) is about the amount of reverb fx in the voices tracks.I would like it dryer.
Thanx for sharing

Farrell Jackson
02/20/11 10:37:48AM @farrell-jackson:
This is a well written song. The use of just the acoustic guitars and vocals lets everything be heard extremely have to be a confident performer and competent recordist to pull off a full sound such as this....I hear no holes in this at all! The use and the amount of reverb is very subjective to taste and style...I happen to like some reverb on vocals and it doesn't sound over the top here to me. Good work!


02/25/11 07:05:46PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Plain awesome, Sat!!! Words fail me, man!!! Will be on the air tomorrow night for sure! :)



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