The Day I Quit Facebook

album: Saturated Music
genre: Acoustic
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creation date: 2012-04-02

The Day I Quit Facebook
Farrell Jackson
11/28/17 11:17:45AM @farrell-jackson:
I've heard this jewel many times on Mix DJ shows but never commented for some unknown reason...maybe I was on fakebook? Lol, not hardly. Although I'm still a member, I stay away from that place as much as possible. Strangers don't need to know that much about my personal life and I certainly don't want know about theirs either.

This is a very cool, clever song and lyric Sat. You always deliver the goods with your acoustic playing and vocals. This one is top shelf brother!


2012 BC
12/07/13 06:30:45PM @2012-bc:
This song is effin awesome....brilliant lyrics and some fantastic guitar work....bravo brother!!!
04/04/12 03:51:02PM @kalola-kiss:
I was a member of Facebook for 24 hours. In that space of time it became abundantly clear this is not for me. Funny how it grew arms, legs and tentacles that I was sure I would be trapped in never to return to a somewhat normal life. Brilliant!
04/04/12 07:29:57AM @john-frederick:
Great sounding guitar and vocal clever words great tune
04/03/12 09:28:40AM @cooter:
"I don't know you, but I know what you hate"

I have sometimes thought the same thing when seeing what some people post on their "social" networking site pages.

Sat, you said a mouthful in this one, brother.

Fine guitar work, as always. Cool sound. Love the vocals. And the bass player will do. ;-)

Mighty fine tune.


04/02/12 08:41:54PM @david-c-deal:
Very clever, insightful song Sat. (If you need a little professional help I am available for the right price lol )
04/02/12 07:23:47PM @bri-an:
Here it is...Sat, this is SO current, lol...your delivery is that of addict ready to bite down on the bullet and quit....brilliant.
should post it on facebook.

04/02/12 07:00:00PM @jeff-lustick:
Great song-I also reposted it!!!
04/02/12 04:07:27PM @gene-smith:
BTw I shared this LOL!
04/02/12 04:03:48PM @gene-smith:
Love this one Saturated!


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