The Knife

album: Saturated Music
genre: Halloween 2012
streams: 99
creation date: 2012-10-27

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This is a quickie I did for halloween 2012.. I wrote the lyrics for it maybe 30 years ago but never had music for it.    
The Knife
Farrell Jackson
10/29/12 10:13:04AM @farrell-jackson:
Well done Sat on this strange and complicated ditty....your originality oozes out!


10/28/12 11:14:07PM @gene-smith:
Sat, your music sounds younger to me. I am so glad to hear you recording and uploading again! I envy your ease with the acoustic sir, I do. The vocals, lyrics, harmonies and guitar all just "sing" together! I am a fan indeed!
10/28/12 08:26:55PM @josephrodz:
this is killing,the guitar playing and voice,production,sound,all is great 10/10
11/17/12 05:35:29AM @gary-hart:
Wicked Cut Sat! Giver bro! Love that acoustic playing! Nice vox too man! Fits very well together!


10/27/12 11:06:30PM @mike-kohlgraf:
30 year old lyrics??? Good Lord, man!!! You put some awesome music to them and made it a hit! Love it, Bill!!! Way to go, buddy!

10/28/12 07:36:37PM @bri-an:
Werds refuse to age...Hey Sat, the phrasing you used for this toon just kicked my sorry a$$ into a perma-smile that stayed with me for the entire piece. Great feat of hambonin within this audio...and all over the staffs (every 4 bars fresh attack) I think your use of sharps...with all that is going on within is an excellent trait to have as a performer... original? , oh hell ya.
Interesting...and made me want to hear more after the first 8.
great depth man!....hatts off ! smiles4miles.


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