200 Dollars

album: Saturated Music
genre: Acoustic
streams: 125
creation date: 2014-10-03

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Inspired by a trip to costco.
200 Dollars
Lyrical Princess
10/13/14 11:44:20PM @lyrical-princess:
"A fool and his money, go two separate ways".. I love shopping.. Until I get home and see how much I actually spent.. LOL .. Great Lyrics.. Awesome song. You ROCK!!
Farrell Jackson
10/04/14 10:10:21AM @farrell-jackson:
Great acoustic work and the full solo just make it sound so easy Sat. The bluesy Southern rock vocal fits so well with it. The different lyric gives additional interest to the song. Nice one!
10/03/14 10:06:19PM @dazed:
Love this tune Sat. Your acoustic playing just blows me away. Great lyrics on this and not your every day boring lyrics. Love it!


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