Bottle of Whiskey and a Baseball Bat

album: Saturated Music
genre: Acoustic
streams: 279
creation date: 2008-03-17

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This is a song I did a few years back with some nice vocal and egg shaker touches by focusplayer... Im thinking of redoing it now it the Reverend Horton Heat...
Bottle of Whiskey and a Baseball Bat
08/03/11 02:08:58PM @bri-an:
...still play out this toon, anyone's who ever heard over here at my place said it was f%@!$$@kin great...
i think it's f%@!$$@kin great too.

09/07/10 06:19:10PM @cooter:
I like it! Mighty fine tune. Nice guitar work, and I did enjoy the twist at the end.
05/26/09 12:17:41PM @mark-reed:
Interesting mix lol, Whiskey and a baseball bat. I was quite impressed with this, solid rocking backing with some really tasty guitar picking. great number very entertaining
Farrell Jackson
04/24/08 02:59:53PM @farrell-jackson:
I don't know how I've missed this one but man I'm sure glad I found it. This is a great song and the lyric is just too funny, lol! Excellent vox and acoustic guitar playing at keepin' up with the tempo of the song.
Enjoyed it!


03/18/08 01:49:06PM @george-shepherd:
This is one of the coolest songs I've ever heard. Great to see it posted here!!!!!
03/18/08 01:03:32PM @loren:
i would have left the whiskey and bat with the guy. he's going to need both to put up with a woman who keeps running off. this should be playing on the radio. no doubt.
03/18/08 10:02:02AM @michael-nunley:
The Baby Taylor ROCKS !

Still one of the best lyrics I've ever read/heard.

Ya didn't need me on this, but I'm proud to have had a tiny part in this version!

I still think this one could make you some cash -
I might even know someone who could get it to Garth B.
Let me know.


03/18/08 09:46:57AM @scotty-c:
Outstanding tune. Great lyrics. I like the all acoustic nature of the arrangement too.


03/17/08 08:23:15PM @dazed:
One of my favorites sat! great lyrics and emotionally charged!
03/17/08 07:53:37PM @diva:
Man, that's some killer acoustic playing. I really like this. I'd like to hear some bass guitar in this, but it's a wicked good tune even without it.


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