What Ever You Do

album: Saturated Music
genre: Acoustic
streams: 88

  Song Information
Acoustic guitars, bass, cajon drum and vocals by Saturated.    This is the first recorded use of the cajon drum in any of my songs.
What Ever You Do
08/31/21 11:18:59AM @firecircle:
cajon drum works well here-great song love the lyric
tony cee
05/07/19 01:48:02PM @tony-cee:
great tune very catchy superb lyrics superb harmonys , love the guitar work , thumbs up from me love it .......tony cee
carol sue
05/05/19 10:24:13AM @carol-sue:
Great song and performance~ acoustic bliss!
Most excellent to see you back sharing your music.
Bravo! *****

05/05/19 12:46:18AM @the-london-project:
It is really great to hear a new Sat tune! Loving the great new sound. Wishing you all the best Sat! Lonnie
05/05/19 12:34:40AM @tlt50:
Awesome hearing a tune from you SatMan. Fantastic acoustics are grabbing my ears. The media craziness is all f@@ked up....these are crazy times. Hell yes brotha'..... brilliant tune.


Farrell Jackson
05/04/19 06:49:08PM @farrell-jackson:
It's good to hear you are still in the music making game Sat! This is a great song and the acoustic guitars sound excellent. So does your vocals.......the lyric are very poignant but so true. Nice recording with the cajon !


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