The Hammer

album: Saturated Music
genre: Metal
streams: 229
creation date: 2009-10-31

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This is a tune I originally wrote about 20 years ago and was one of the mainstay tunes of my bands back in the day.   Redid it because I didnt have a good...
The Hammer
Incarnate Word
03/14/10 01:08:48AM @incarnate-word:
no way dude they need to play more of this.this song grabs you by the teeth and yanks them out then makes you do it again. excellent Job.
11/02/09 12:55:10PM @bigpete:
when I heard this on mix radio I was hooked right away, great live moshpit crazy track, just a straight headbanger track, great job.
11/01/09 08:42:45AM @badshit-compound:
Yeah this really got good old kick in ya arse feeling. Production sounds very good, playing is skillful and singer got that famous ``something``. Good Job ! !
10/31/09 12:56:05PM @buddrumming: are a great rocker my friend... i hear some Ozzy in this one....killer guitar playing on this track... catchy hook on this one...i like it...Thx, Bud
11/01/09 04:27:09AM @schule-der-nacht:
Brilliant production - very professional. ftlpope


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