Another Nuthin Day

album: Saturated Music
genre: Rock
streams: 1,582
creation date: 2009-01-25

Another Nuthin Day
11/01/10 12:17:53AM @marie-dailly:
May be a nuthin day, but this song is Something else!

11/01/10 12:17:47AM @marie-dailly:
May be a nuthin day, but this song is Something else!

09/13/10 12:38:15PM @cooter:
This tune gives me goose-bumps. Well written, well constructed, well delivered. Lovin it, Sat.
08/14/11 11:35:20AM @digger-stone:
this is a great song sat..

i like everything about this, well done bro.


Incarnate Word
03/14/10 12:58:07AM @incarnate-word:
Dude very excellent writing skills. you got game. excellent lyrics and musical composition is great. Killer Job. I remember when I first heard this and it still is just as killer to me. great Job.
01/09/10 11:54:02PM @genghisken:
superb vocals and amazing guitar. Really love the way it opens up after a short bit of soft accustic. Excellent song, could be a 40 minute tune without complaint from the listener! Glad I heard this on Mack's show tonight!
04/05/09 10:09:34AM @blue-sahara:
Hello Sat - heard this one last night on Mike's show. Haven't heard it in a while. The vocal delivery is incredible. The song's very well written - as with all your songs. Has a new-wavey edge to it ... kinda like XTC. Love the heavy guitars when the come in topped by the acoustic. Very nice touch. Very creative!

Lyrical Princess
02/25/09 08:06:59PM @lyrical-princess:
Hi Saturated, I've enjoyed this since I first heard it on mix radio... Awesome lyrics, Instrumental & vocals.. Outstanding Collab.. All The Best, LP
01/31/09 03:52:58AM @mike-lynn:
What a great mix. Upbeat & melodic throughout with superb vocals. Very enjoyable.
01/25/09 05:32:23PM @tlt50:, the production and awesome sound of the acoustic in the intro... are beautiful. This is superb songwriting. Vocals and harmonies are incredible. As the tune unfolds it gets better and better.Outstanding track..... Bravo.......... !!!!


01/25/09 03:43:18PM @ked-records:
Man this intro is so cool!..Vocals really shine on this tune indeed! then comes that slow heavy power under all the sweet accoustic. Great Lyrics here.. really takes the listener into the whole feel and vibe of the song. The tune is so well put together and so nicely done. AWSOME work SAT!!!!!!. Just shows you are a true songsmith with an ear for the hook and the tallent to develop it!!! totaly fab work from you on this one indeed!
01/26/09 06:05:35AM @robert-smith:
Oooh, I like it. Excellent production - crystal clear guitar intro and an the launch into the full sound is so warm and full. Is this recorded in old fashioned analog? I've had a few days like this - thanks for the company.


01/26/09 08:34:33AM @mark-reed:
This is excellent, very nice acoustic work throughout the song. Liked the heavy guitar under the acoustic. Adds real depth. For me the vocals are what makes this. Great lyric and the perfect performance. Magic song well done


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