Its Raining Again

album: Saturated Music
genre: Acoustic
streams: 330
creation date: 2009-04-12

Its Raining Again
Lyrical Princess
04/15/09 02:48:43PM @lyrical-princess:
Beautiful intro with that guitar.. Love your soft vocals on this one.. Really enjoy the melody.. Very memorable tune.. A favorite for sure.. 5*****'s +
All The Best, LP

04/14/09 08:21:29PM @stoneman:
This was a timely song to listen to today because it is raining here. The acoustic guitar work here is superb and I loved the vocals/lyrics. Lots of great talent on display here. Much Respect!
04/14/09 01:06:08PM @richard-john:
Love the opening acoustic riffs. Strong tune with some fine vocals and effective harmonies. Really nice tone on the acoustic guitar lead. The chorus hook is lovely and memorable. Great song!

04/14/09 08:19:37AM @mel:
Beautiful guitar intro to this. Sat your vocals are just lovely singing these gentle words. Such a pretty song. You have so many faces to you, and I really do love this softness for sure! Loved it. Melsi
04/21/09 06:34:43AM @bilbozo:
What a tune ! Alomost mesmerizing, capitvating. Just pure acoustic goodness. I am blown away by you you songs pertain so much energy and then bring it down home to something this soft and cool. Bursting with dynamical talent. Cheers - Bilbozo
04/16/09 04:22:05AM @mike-lynn:
Like this song from the very beginning when the guitars start to pick. Very good acoustic track with nice melody line, excellent vocals & harmonies. Thanks for sharing / Mike
04/12/09 01:48:01PM @mark-reed:
This is very sweet, lovely guitar tone. Lyrics are magic and the delivery is excellent. super song very well done
04/12/09 04:00:38PM @slowmarchingband:
Really pretty guitar playing! I like the simplicity in this. Recorded and panned very well. Good job man!
Rob Grant
04/12/09 06:05:46PM @rayon-vert:
No drunk clowns here.......This is NICE!!!! ;-) Sat......Your vox are great and LOVE your guitar tone, it recorded well. REALLY like your chord progression....a REAL NICE Song!!!

04/12/09 11:58:56AM @blue-sahara:
I agree with Gina ... I too love your 'softer' side, Sat. This one has a great feel to it, emotion in motion. Like the lyrics a lot. Your skills and talent really show; what a great listen!


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