album: Saturated Music
genre: Rock
streams: 694
creation date: 2009-03-26

08/19/11 06:40:41PM @america:
its kinda like KISS but heavier and brutal! nice job:)
Incarnate Word
03/14/10 12:56:26AM @incarnate-word:
Wha hahahahahahahahahahahaha. this @#$%ing Rocks. Very cool song and tight and loud and excellent arrangement skills and mix. Great Job Dude.
03/29/09 06:36:37PM @tlt50:
Yea Sat !! The intro rawks..... man, your skills are amazing. Attention to detail is fabulous.Freakin' cool production....Excellent vocals with a head bangin' groove ...killar guitar work... Awesome Bro !!

Larry T.....

03/28/09 08:14:20AM @mike-kohlgraf:
Excellent Rocker, SAT!!! This and another tune of yours will be in my opening two for one set tonight!!! Starting at 7pm ET! Cheers,

03/27/09 03:07:05PM @mark-reed:
No messing with this kiddie. Knock out punch from note one to the finish. The backing vibrates the chair across the floor. The vocals are chainsaw effective. This is brilliant, tremendous number well done
Lyrical Princess
03/27/09 01:20:25PM @lyrical-princess:
Should have guessed by the title that this might blow out my speakers.. :) ..(Awesome Title For This)... I am definately awake now .. hehehehe .. But it is certainly one of those songs that you want the volume up on... Everything sounds Great.... Another job Well Done!! All The Best, LP

Rob Grant
03/27/09 12:11:14PM @rayon-vert:
Go for the GUTS!!!! Really liked the track......glad ya ditched any excessive "death growling"......hehehehehehehehe......MAN!!! heavy duty hardcore bass/drum rhythm section and gut wrenching guitar work. Vocals Worked out GREAT!!! GREAT JOB, SAT!!!

03/27/09 10:40:09AM @blue-sahara:
Sweet - i'm the first one ...

Fantastic production here, Sat! I was instantly captured last night when I first heard it. The vocals are blowing me away ... the arrangement is just extraordinary. Really love this!

03/28/09 01:52:48AM @slarou:
souds like a brick in the brain...Perform is humanoid but I know you do not come from our planet...ahahahabbwwaaaha
Solid rock you make my friends

04/12/09 03:34:35PM @digger-stone:
this is a great song,i dig every thing about your style. your a guitar playin mofo! like reap said,
you flat out rock!

03/27/09 01:13:48PM @deacon-gene:
Dude, GREAT SONG!! The writing is really good. The arrangement is good. The song flat out rocks.
Cheers - DG


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