Distant Light

album: Saturated Music
genre: Acoustic
streams: 203
creation date: 2007-09-11

Distant Light
09/28/10 09:03:02AM @mark-reed:
I've heard several songs with the same title, this to me is one of the best. Tremendous lyrics with a mean and moody delivery. Great guitar accompaniment. Excellent song
07/30/08 11:01:44PM @tcp:
Thoroughly enjoyed. Man you can write..but then add what seems to be a great inward vision for a song, which in turn, tends to permeate your musical output. This IS certainly good news. Wonderful sense for drama and dynamics. Original and very very well done my friend. Again, love your voice too. WOW!! ~Blake
Rob Grant
11/21/07 08:33:31PM @rayon-vert:
You really have a diverse sound........this song is extremely well written and performed. Your vox are perfect and the harmonies are very effective. I LOVED the mood of this song. +++++ for me

11/13/07 10:52:43AM @michael-nunley:
THIS ONE is NOT to be missed!

One of my top 5 Fav on the whole site!

Hope the new folks catch this one.


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