Brain Dead in Paradise

album: Saturated Music
genre: Rock
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creation date: 2008-03-11

Brain Dead in Paradise
Incarnate Word
03/14/10 01:15:52AM @incarnate-word:
very ACDC-ish but I guess you already knew that. this is a very cool tune if anything because it sounds so much from that time period in the world of Rock and Metal. Excellent lyrics and great production, also has a BOC kinda bridge. Killer.
05/19/09 02:32:57PM @blue-sahara:
I heard it so many times, but never did I leave a comment. Well, here I am, finally.
Sat, this is one of the few songs that sometimes buzz in my head when I wake up in the morning. You know what I mean, right? It's that memorable chorus, the hooks, the licks ... man, this song just blows me away! I always loved it, and always will!

07/28/08 09:58:52PM @vesa:
This rocks so well -where did I miss this, never too late to; like the lyrics; fine guitar progression; a steady cool drum beat does it well; good bass; like you sizzling seering soloing. Fine vocals & harmonies; very good tonal range; Gotta play this LOUD!! Like that Brit rock styled pause; guitar rocks a riff; pause- guitar takes over; most enjoyable tasty production. Good one Staturated... rated ****
-Your friend. -Vesa.

07/03/08 08:21:15PM @self-tort:
Killer track Sat. You have absolutely nailed this one. Love the riffing guitars and that four on the floor kick. Some exceptionally good guitar playing and the vocals are the icing on the cake. Exceptional use of lyrical rhythm. This is a winner. Great work



Luca Wulf
07/02/08 03:20:47PM @huge-artist:
Witha big thank you and a big smile,grabs download for the MP3 player.
It will accompany me on my travels :)
Thank you :)


Luca Wulf
07/02/08 03:16:38PM @huge-artist:
Love the title LOL.........
Man can I ever relate to that title.

High energy stuff,and that is right up my street.
Rock'n roll,no substitute for it.
Full on attitude,and what's more it's carrying a vibe and a chrous that could see it do rather well on mainstream radio.
At the very least make sure Mike gives this a spin on his saturday radio show here,ande you might also consider sending it Nexus radio.
Yep,love the playing,love the attitude.
One of the best songs I have heard for a long time.


06/30/08 09:06:10AM @our-blue-moon:
WOW very in your face work there Sat 8) At times very Agressive and a few places sounded almost ZZ top'ish in the quiet breaks .... Great blend of all these vaibes in one tune... Nice work.
06/29/08 09:21:39PM @diva:
Man, this is a great, straight ahead rocker, with a super title. Tight playing, super tone. You've got the touch, amigo.
03/22/08 01:41:27PM @mike-lockett:
You've got a real talent for naming songs... great title. Lyrics keep a person listening... and a pertinent message. Great job!
03/12/08 11:35:27AM @dazed:
Glad to see you writing some new tunes Sat! Love the way this one came out. Your writing skills rank very high with me. The sound you use for your solos is just cool as hell!
03/12/08 08:14:05AM @bri-an:
woooooo! heard this once on Nexus! (Ras Show) kick major A$$ then ...and it kickin now!!
Love the relentless energy pouring out of this! Guitar playing and vocals are a real stand out!
first toon of the day....I'm up now!!! Great stuff! The ending was great!!

03/12/08 02:46:44AM @tlt50:
Amazing song writing skills !!! Great lyrics,with superb vocals...Excellent guitar and all around musicianship makes this a
OUTSTANDING listen......Dude, thanks for sharing *****

Larry T.....


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