Sky walking

genre: Trance
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This is one of my first productions from 2005. Did mixed it over and tweaked the sounds a little bit to make it sound cleaner. And ofcourse newly mastered....
Sky walking
08/02/10 09:58:05AM @bigpete:
really great structure and progression on this track, superbe sounding production, very uplifting build up, enjoyed this listen very much, peace.
08/02/10 01:58:38PM @mark-reed:
This has a very airy feel which almost paints the picture of actually doing some cloud skipping. The further the piece progresses the stronger that picture works for me. This really is a clever and very enjoyable piece of music. Nice work
08/02/10 10:28:06PM @tlt50:
SV...It's been awhile.. The music is fabulous....clear,pristine production....exceptional groove. Bravo man..!! Airy..with vibe...just a great feelin' track...To me...That's, what I enjoy and admire !! GREAT work,,,,,,:))) All the best,

Larry T/TLT50


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