Sundown to sunrise

genre: Samba
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This is i think a uplifting samba tune with a lot of melodic veriety. Cool for the summertime or a party. Hope you like this melodic tune. Grtzzz ScanVoice
Sundown to sunrise
08/23/10 09:04:30AM @mark-reed:
Great bubbly track with lots of enthusiasm. Definitely a get up and go piece of music. I liked the infectious feel you managed to get, put a smile on my face. Very enjoyable listen thanks
08/25/10 08:12:52AM @mel:
Loved this happy and serene intro, so gentle and uplifting! Then that wonderful beat kicks in as do my feet, oh yes a dancing at a party sound for sure! A really catchy Samba sound. Wishing you well, a dancing Melsi


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