So Much Left To Say

album: previously unreleased
genre: Rock
streams: 90

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SO MUCH LEFT TO SAY   Now that heaven's closed it's gate These streets again lead me to nowhere Now that the hope begins to fade And all my dreams filled...
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One of some new songs. All lyrics are made out of fragments I wrote down during the last year. Many, many thanks to Joel Kelly for helping me out with the...
So Much Left To Say
09/20/10 08:03:57AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
I have enjoyed the sparse sounding, longing tone of this artist and this tune does not disapoint. Proof positive that good songs can be done with the most limited of resources deployed with subtlety - and harmony vocals always do it for me. ftlpope
09/20/10 02:03:45AM @eshar:
A very nice composition indeed. I really liked the lyrics and I thought you performed them excellently. A first class production all round.
09/20/10 01:10:17AM @spud:
Love the vocal style, S...and your voice fits your music to a "T". This is a great song..the acoustic is sweet and the story is great. Nice !



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