Stepping Stones

album: previously unreleased
genre: BritPop
streams: 96

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STEPPING STONES   And so you think you`re most peculiar Looking through the mirrors of my soul Is that what you`ve been told? And so you think you should...
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Originaly released in 2004 on Yellow Jumps Twice 2nd album "Whatever Happened To..." this is the 2010 remix.
Stepping Stones
Kathy Jac
01/04/12 04:54:01PM @kathy-jac:
Hi Seb,

I'm very well surprised about such interesting stuff! It sounds very similar to my favourite Band, the Beatles.

Good changes, perfect sound, well played instruments!

Greetings from Germany


Daniels Notebook
12/18/10 09:02:43AM @daniels-notebook:
Loving the feel and the vibe in all your great tunes, this one got me hooked in the first 3 seconds and never let go! Great well crafted composition! Peace, Jara


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